Support Brand and Models

Thronmax MDrill One, MDrill One PRO, MDrill Dome, MDrill Dome Plus,MDrill Zero, MDrill Zero Plus,
MXL Mics 770 ,MXL Mics 990,Shure SM58 , Blue Spark Blackout SL XLR ,Samson C01 ,Audio Technica
AT2020, MXL BCD-1
Blue yeti, Blue Yeti X. Blue snowball. Shure Sm7B, Rode Nt usb, Audio-Technica AT2020USB,HyperX
QuadCast Samson G-Track Pro,
AKG Pro Audio Lyra,Blue Raspberry,AVerMedia USB Multipurpose Microphone

Any other 5/8 and 5/10 thread USB or XLR microphones microphones


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